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Do it yourself

Step by step do it yourself easy to understand basic car maintenance for the car owners.

How to Install a Car Battery While engine is running, use the meter to check the alternator and voltage regulator output. This is very important because a faulty alternator or voltage regulator can cause a premature battery failure and you do not want this to happen.
How to Check Tyre Pressure The tyre thread life could reduce if the tyre pressure of your car is under what the car manufacturer specified on your car owner’s manual.
How to Change a Flat Tire When you encounter a flat tire while you drive your car the first thing to do is to pull off the road away the traffic as possible.
How to Recharge a Car Battery Before attempting to recharge car battery always make sure that the battery is at room temperature (60 °F to 80°F). Also, when it is extremely cold remove the battery from the car and bring it indoors to allow the battery to become warm before begin the charging.
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