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My Car AC is Blowing Hot Air

Car ac is blowing hot air suddenly or is blowing hot air slowly overtime. Cold air is usually coming out the ac vent when the ac switch is turned ON, however after turning the ac switch ON, the ac vents is blowing hot air.

How to Recharge a Car Battery

To recharge a car battery it must be done on the same as it was discharge.

Before attempting to recharge car battery always make sure that the battery is at room temperature (60 °F to 80°F). Also, when it is extremely cold remove the battery from the car and bring it indoors to allow the battery to become warm before begin the charging.

How to Disconnect a Car Battery

Do you know how to disconnect a car battery? Which battery cable should be removed first? let's say you need to clean or replace the battery so you disconnect the battery to make the job here is what to do.

Car Cranks but Wont Start

The car cranks but won’t start.

Possible causes of car that cranks but won’t start

Out of Gas

When the car cranks faster than normal then it is possible that the car is out of gas, therefore during cranking observe if the car will crank faster than normal then check if the car has fuel.

Spongy Brake Pedal When Braking

Conditions when car trouble occurs
The brake pedal feels spongy instead of solid when the driver steps on the brake pedal to stop the car.

Possible cause of car trouble
There is a presence of air inside the brake line

Troubleshooting car problem of brake pedal that feels spongy
The problem of spongy feeling on the brake pedal when the driver step on the pedal to stop the car, is usually an indication of a presence of air somewhere along the brake line.

Normally, if there is no problem on the brake system the brake pedal feels solid when the driver step on the brake this is because the brake fluid, that is inside the brake line cannot be compressed.

Brake system operates when the fluid is forced to flow through the brake line by depressing the brake pedal to make the car stop. Now if air is present inside the system the air can be compressed therefore instead of feeling the brake pedal to be solid, the driver may feel that the pedal is spongy when the driver steps on the brake pedal during braking.

How to Jump Start a Car Battery

How to jump start a car when the car wont start because of a dead battery?

Jump a starting car is easy but should be done correctly so that accident such as a battery explosion can be avoided that may result to the damage of your car or worst injured you.

When you jump start a car, avoid the use of frozen battery. Also, check the battery rating of each battery for correct rating before jump starting.

What Causes Ticking Noise in Engine While Running

What causes ticking noise in engine? Ticking noise in engine is heard while running is commonly an indication of poorly lubricated engine. The reasons is the oil inside the engine is not much or just simply it lacks engine oil or might be the oil pressure inside the engine is low.