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Car Stalling While Driving

Car is stalling while driving. The stalling occurs when the engine temperature is high or even when the engine temperature is normal.

Possible Cause Why Car Stall while Driving

Vapor Lock

When the car stalls if the engine temperature is abnormally hot then vapor lock is the usual cause of car stalling. Vapor lock occurs because when engine is extremely hot the gas will boil before it gets inside the engine. Once the gas is boiling the gas creates air bubbles. The created air bubbles can cause the air/fuel ratio to become lean. When the air/fuel ratio is lean it means that there is too much air and not enough gasoline and when the engine don’t have enough fuel then the car will stall.

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There is nothing you can do when your car encounter vapor lock. Just wait for the engine to cool down and start the engine again. The real problem here is why is the engine temperature becomes abnormally hot? Probably the engine has a problem on the cooling system, the normal process is when the engine is hot there is a coolant that is circulated around the engine coming from the radiator to cool down the engine, the water serves as a water jacket surrounding the engine but because vapor lock occurs it means that the cooling system is not functioning to cool down the engine.

Have it check by a mechanic there might be a leak somewhere in the system which cause the engine temperature to become abnormally hot.

Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator

This problem is possible when the car is equipped with fuel injection system and also if the car stall even at normal engine temperature. Fuel injection system have a component called the Fuel Pressure Regulator, the purpose of this parts is to maintain the fuel pressure on each and every fuel injectors, now if the regulator have problem then engine will be starved with fuel thus the car will stall.

Free Car Diagnostic Recommendation
Bring the car to a reputable shop and have a mechanic check the Fuel Pressure Regulator. If the regulator is faulty just replace it to correct the problem. Replace only the pressure regulator and nothing else this usually fix the engine stalling while driving.

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Engine Diagnostic

Car Shakes When Idle After Starting
when the car shakes on idle after start up, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring. Usually one or more cylinder on the engine combustion chamber is misfiring.

Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car
Black smoke is an indication of too much gas burned inside the engine combustion chamber. Let us start the troubleshooting of the problem by determining why the engine burned too much gas.

Ticking Noise in Engine While Running
Engine ticking noise is commonly an indication of poorly lubricated engine. The reasons is the oil inside the engine is not much or just simply it lacks engine oil or might be the oil pressure inside the engine is low.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car
If a white smoke happens before the engine warmed up or before it reaches the normal operating temperature during a cold morning then it is normal. When the car is parked outside overnight on cold surroundings, a condensation is formed inside the engine.

Car Jerks When Accelerating
Since the acceleration problem happens when the engine is cold especially during wet morning this suggests moisture in the distributor cap. This happens because when you park the car overnight especially on the outside, moisture is formed inside the distributor cap because of the wet weather.

Car Loses Power Going Uphill
This usually happens when the rings and valves inside the engine is worn out. An engine with worn rings and valves will have a low compression which makes the engine power to become weak especially when driving uphill.

Blue Smoke from Exhaust of Car
Blue smoke from exhaust of car means that the engine is burning oil. The most common reason why the engine is burning oil is because of the bad rings and usually when the engine has bad rings there is a power loss when driving uphill.

Engine Pinging Noise on Uphill
Pinging noise is usually related to an engine problem, also pinging can also related to low octane gasoline especially while driving uphill.