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Steering Feels Loose and Sloppy

Steering wheel feels loose and sloppy while driving on a normal road. Possible Cause of Steering Wheel that Feels Loose and Sloppy Over inflated Front Tires Steering wheel that feels loose and sloppy while driving is usually caused of front end components that are faulty or sometimes cause of over inflated front tires. With that said, the first thing to do is to check the front tires using a tire pressure gauge, compare the result with the tire pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacture. If you do not know the value of the recommended tire pressure, look on the tire placard label adhere on the driver side door or look on the owner’s manual included on the vehicle when you first purchase the vehicle.

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Based on the result of car problem troubleshooting you found out that the problem is the overinflated tire just let lose some air from the tire to make the pressure within the recommended value and correct the problem of loose steering wheel.

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Car Stalls While Idling

The car stalls while idling on when the car is stopped.

Car Loses Power Going Uphill

Conditions when car trouble occurs
The car losses power going uphill driving but have enough power when running on the flat roads.

Possible cause of car problem
The rings are worn out
The valves are worn out

Troubleshooting car problem of engine power loss while going uphill
Car that losses power going uphill and fine on the flat roads is usually a results of the rings or valves inside the engine that is worn out. The effect of worn out rings and valves on the engine is low compression.

Since the engine is low compression the engine cannot provide enough power or the engine has weak power to smoothly run the car especially when the car is going uphill. When driving uphill the engine is under more stress as compare to the engine that operates on the flat roads. Also when the engine is under more stress the engine suffers low compression.