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How to change a Flat Tire step by step

Equipment: Jack and Rod Jack Handle, Tire Wrench (Cross Type or L-Type), Tire Stopper, Rags.

When you encounter a flat tire while you drive your car the first thing to do is to pull off the road away the traffic as possible.

Step on How to Change a Flat Tire 

Step1. Park the car on a flat surface with solid foundation. Ensure that the car is parked on a flat surface and that the ground can support the weight of the car. Put a tire stopper on the tire opposite the flat tire. Use a block or a rock as tire stopper.

Spinning Sounds Only During Starting

When the car is trying to start, the car won't start and spinning sound is heard during starting.

Battery Warning Light Flickers

Conditions when car trouble occurs
The battery warning light indicator on dash board is occasionally flickers while driving.

Possible cause of car trouble
1)The alternator belt is slipping.
2)The alternator itself is failing.

Car trouble diagnostic
When the battery warning light indicator flickers while the car is running there are two possibilities that causing this kind car trouble, as mentioned above it can cause by the slipping alternator belt or a failing alternator. The alternator is the device that provides electricity to the car battery, it is connected from the engine using an alternator belt, when the engine runs some of the power will be transferred to the alternator to make it run and create electricity so that the battery will charge, aside from providing charges to the battery the alternator is also the one that provides electrical power to all your car accessories like the radio, air con, lights, etc. while the engine is running. Now, if the battery warning light indicato…

What does it mean when the Battery light comes on

What does it mean when the battery light comes on?Troubleshooting car problem of Battery Light Came on While Driving
When a battery light came on while you drive your car usually it indicates a broken alternator belt or the alternator fails to produce electrical charge for the battery. Alternator is a device that charges the car battery, also it provides electricity to the entire car accessories installed in your car such as lights, radio etc. while the car engine is running.