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Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

Steering wheel shakes when braking. When the brake pedal is press the steering wheel vibrates, the shaking is extreme that can easily notice by the driver.

Why steering wheel shakes when braking?

Steering wheel shakes when braking is usually a problem that involve during the application of brakes, specifically on the car front end. Since the occurrence of steering wheel vibration or shaking of steering wheel happens during braking only therefore it is safe to assume that the problem involves the front brakes.

Brake Pedal Goes to Floor

The brake pedal goes to floor when the brake is lightly applied.

Free car diagnostic: If brake pedal goes to floor when the brake is applied, it usually means that there is a leak on the master cylinder. Master cylinder consists of a primary and secondary pistons which operates on either the front or rear brakes. Both pistons is sealed with a component called “cup” when the brake pedal goes to floor the most likely to happen is that the primary cup that seals the primary piston is leaking brake fluid even when brake is lightly applied.

Car Shakes When Stopped

The car shakes when stopped, the entire car shaking occurs during the application of brakes when the car is stopped.

Possible Cause of Car Shaking When Stopped

Uneven contact between the brake drum and the brake shoe for drum type rear brake

The most common reason why a car shakes especially during the application of brake has something to do with the problem on the rear brakes.

There are two types of brakes namely the disc type and the drum type, the disc type is mostly use on the front brakes, and most car uses drum type on its rear brakes. Now for a car with rear brake drum, having the entire car shaking occurs if there is a problem between the two components of the drum brake which is called the drum and the brake shoe, usually there is uneven contact between the two components. Uneven contact is when there is a misalignment between the two components as mentioned.

Now what causes misalignment?

Misalignment is resulted from a warped rear drums or a loose wheel bearings. Worn bearing can also cause misalignment. With that said, therefore the problem why the car shakes when stopped is misalignment.

Free Car Diagnostic Recommendation
How to correct problem of car shaking when stopped?

Fixing this kind of problem is never been easy, it should be done in shop that specialized on this kind of job. Therefore it is necessary to bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to look into the rear brakes. Tell him to inspect for any loose component of the rear brake that causes car shaking. The mechanic can narrow down the checking by looking into the rear bearing first, if there is looseness or worn parts.

If the wheel bearings are in good condition then this confirmed the warped drums as the cause of the problem. In this case the only option is to remove the brake drum, after the drum is removed inspect if the drum is necessary to be machined, usually it is more likely. Bring the drum to the machine shop for machining as way of correcting the warpage. Once the drum is corrected it is also necessary for the brake shoe to be replaced, because if the brake shoe is not replaced, the problem may still occur since the shoe will still not be in even contact with the newly machined drum, so the replacement is a must.

Car Shakes When Idle After Starting

Car shakes when idle after starting, while idle the entire car is somewhat shaking.

Free car diagnostic - when the car shakes on idle after start up, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring. Usually one or more cylinder on the engine combustion chamber is misfiring. You see engine consist of a cylinder in which naturally runs smoothly when it is firing properly, now if one or more of the cylinder misfire or did not fire properly the engine will be become imbalance, the imbalance creates vibration that is enough to make the car to shakes on idle during or after starting, the vibration is so extreme that cause the car to shake entirely.