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Howling Noise When Clutch Pedal is Release

Conditions when car trouble occurs
When the clutch pedal is release there is a howling noise than can be heard coming from the transmission.

Clunk Noise from Front End When Braking

Conditions when the car trouble occurs
During braking when the brake pedal is depressed there is a clunk noise which can be heard coming from the front end.

Possible cause of clunk noise on the front end when braking
There is a loose component on the front suspension that produces the clunk noise.

Clunk noise from the front end when braking trouble diagnosis
Usually this is a case of a loose components coming from the front end, this kind of problem happens because when the car is moving and when the driver step on the brake pedal, all the weights of the car will be thrown forward into the front end. All of the weight that is thrown coming from the rear end will be absorbed by the front suspension including all of the components of the suspension.

Brake Pedal Goes Further than Normal

Conditions when the car trouble occurs
When the brake pedal was depressed, it goes further than it used to.

Possible cause of car trouble
There is not enough amount of brake fluid.
The brake lining is worn out.

Car problem troubleshooting
Since one of the possible causes of the car trouble is not enough brake fluid, the first thing to do is to check if there is enough amount of the brake fluid present in the system and to do this open the hood of your car then locate the reservoir for brake fluid, usually it is located on the top of brake master cylinder. Look closely if fluid level is below the upper lip of the reservoir cover, there is an indicator located on the reservoir as illustrated below.

Because the brake fluid is low when the brake pedal is depressed during brake application the pedal will travel farther than usual before it will stop. As the fluid is getting lower the farther the brake pedal will travel. Now, for instance the fluid level on the reservoir is enough or within the minimum and maximum level, what to do next is to inspect the brake lining. Inspect if the brake lining worn out, if the lining is worn out the brake pedal will have to pressed further than normal before the pedal stops.

How to correct the problem of brake pedal that goes further than normal
Lack of brake fluid
During your diagnosis you found out that the reservoir lacks brake fluid, you must inspect the brake system because there might be leak somewhere in the system which causes the brake fluid level to become low. Just add enough amount of brake fluid to the system and prevent the brake pedal to travel further than usual when depressed. Take note that when adding brake fluids on the reservoir just remove the cap of the reservoir and pour the brake fluid be very careful not to pour any brake fluid on the paint surface of your car because it can damage the paint. Also never keep the reservoir open longer than necessary because the fluid might contaminate.

Worn brake linings
Seek the help of a mechanic to confirm if the brake lining is worn out and replace if necessary. Sometimes the brake drum or the rotor disc will have to be machined especially if the brakes linings are worn out so badly that also damage the drum or the disc.