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Engine Backfires While Driving

The engine backfires on the tail pipe while driving.

A/T Upshifts Trough Gear Too Early

From stop the upshifts trough gear occurred too early.

Gear Shift Not Working for Automatic Transmission

Gear shift for automatic transmission is not working when the shift lever is moved.

Engine Starts but Will Not Continue Running

The engine start but will not continue running.

Temperature Gauge Reads Hot in Prolonged Traffic

The temperature gauge of the car will reads hot when stuck on traffic.

Screeching Tire When Car Turns at Normal Speed

The tire screech when the car is turning on a corner at normal speed.

Engine Backfires when Starting

When you are trying to start your car the engine backfires.

Oil Warning Light Flickers Occasionally While Driving

The oil warning lights indicator on the dash board flickers occasionally while driving your car.

Engine Pinging Sound When Driving on Flat Roads and Uphill

While driving on flat roads there is a pinging sound coming from engine, also pinging sound occurs while driving uphill.