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Mildew Odor Comes Out the AC Vents

The air that comes out the air conditioning vents has mildew odor.

Car Runs then Dies

Initially the car runs after starting then after several seconds the car dies.

Engine Pinging Noise when Driving Uphill

The engine produces pinging noise when driving uphill but no noise when driving on normal roads.

Car Ride is Not Smooth but Hard

The car ride is not smooth but hard, the passenger can feel every bump and road undulation.

Engine Ticking Noise While Driving

Engine ticking noise while driving is heard or there is a slight tapping noise from engine while the engine is running.

Radiator Boils Over when the Engine is Semi-hot

Even when the engine is in semi-hot the radiator boils over.

Steering Wheel becomes Stiff While Driving

While driving sometimes the steering wheel becomes stiff.