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Honda Civic Won’t Start Makes Clicking Noise

Honda Civic won’t start and only clicking noise is heard during starting. Clicking sound comes from the “solenoid”, when ignition is turn “ON” the solenoid allow the current to flow from the battery to the starter to make the starter “ON” to crank the engine. Since the engine is not starting two possible reason is causing the engine not to start first is the battery and second is the starter. When diagnosing this kind of problem the first thing to check is the battery condition. Do the following.

Car Shakes When Braking

When the entire car shakes when braking the only possible reason is the rear drum and the rear brake shoe is maligned, when those two components are not aligned with each other the shaking affects the entire car.

Clicking Noise on Front End When Turning

If the car is driven in a curve road and there is clicking noise on the front end when turning, the reason why there is a clicking noise is either faulty outboard CV joints or a damage binding front end components.

Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car

Black smoke from the exhaust of the car comes out while driving. The possible reasons for black smoke from the exhaust is a clogged air filter, bad fuel injector sensor (throttle position sensor, coolant temperature sensor, and mass airflow sensor).

Squealing Noise on Brakes

The brakes produce squealing noise during braking this is because of two possible reasons, first is the noise comes from the brake pad wear indicator and the second is because of the high frequency vibration.