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Why Does My Car Just Dies While Driving?

Why does my car just dies while driving? Car runs then dies after a several seconds. Lots of things can cause this kind of problem, the causes depends on the condition when the problem occurs. The engine will run on a few second then dies, this situation is called “Run On”. Run on makes the Engine dies when the engine is extremely hot.

Car Stalling While Accelerating

Conditions when car trouble occurs 
The stalling occurs when the weather is cold and wet morning.

Possible cause of car trouble
There is moisture on the distributor cap that causes the engine to misfire.

Car problem troubleshooting
When the problem occurs on cold wet weather condition, usually this is because of the moisture on the distributor cap. The moisture forms inside the distributor cap when the car is parked overnight on a cold wet surroundings. The resulted moisture allows the electrical current to arc inside the distributor cap and causes misfiring of the engine and during acceleration arcing is become extreme which also cause the misfiring to become extreme enough to cause the engine stalling.

Car Stalls While Idling

The car stalls while idling on when the car is stopped.

Car Stalling While Driving

Car is stalling while driving. The stalling occurs when the engine temperature is high or even when the engine temperature is normal.
Possible Cause Why Car Stall while Driving
Vapor Lock When the car stalls if the engine temperature is abnormally hot then vapor lock is the usual cause of car stalling. Vapor lock occurs because when engine is extremely hot the gas will boil before it gets inside the engine. Once the gas is boiling the gas creates air bubbles. The created air bubbles can cause the air/fuel ratio to become lean. When the air/fuel ratio is lean it means that there is too much air and not enough gasoline and when the engine don’t have enough fuel then the car will stall.

Free Car Diagnostic Recommendation
There is nothing you can do when your car encounter vapor lock. Just wait for the engine to cool down and start the engine again. The real problem here is why is the engine temperature becomes abnormally hot? Probably the engine has a problem on the cooling system, the n…