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Engine Turns Over but wont start

When the engine is starting the engine turns over but won't start, the possible reason why the car wont start is that the current flow to the starter is restricted, other reason is a weak battery, bad starter, a partially frozen electrolytes or a bad electrical connection.

Car not Starting No Sound at all during Starting

The car does not start and no sound is heard when the ignition key is turned on to start the car. The possible cause is a dead battery or a bad solenoid.

Vehicle is Not Starting when the Engine is Very Cold

The car is not starting when the engine is very cold, the possible reason is that the engine oil is too thick or is not within the specification recommended by the car manufacturer. Another reason is the battery maybe weak.

Car Not Starting when Engine is Very Hot

The car is not starting only when the engine is very hot this because the solenoid is too hot.

Car Cranks but Wont Start

The car cranks but won’t start. The possible reason why car cranks but won’t start are  out of gas, broken timing belt, clogged air filter, battery is weak or frozen battery electrolytes.