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Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car

Black smoke from the exhaust of the car comes out while driving. The possible reasons for black smoke from the exhaust is a clogged air filter, bad fuel injector sensor (throttle position sensor, coolant temperature sensor, and mass airflow sensor).

Battery Warning Light Flickers

The battery warning light indicator on dash board is occasionally flickers while driving the possible reason is that the alternator is failing or the alternator belt is slipping.

What Causes Ticking Noise in Engine While Running

What causes ticking noise in the engine? If ticking noise in the engine is heard while running is an indication of a poorly lubricated engine. The reasons for this is the oil inside the engine is not enough or just simply the engine lacks engine oil or the oil pressure inside the engine is low.

Car Jerks When Accelerating

Car jerks when accelerating especially during cold rainy morning when the engine is cold. Several reasons are causing it depending on the condition of the car when it happened.

Engine Ticking Noise While Driving

Engine ticking noise while driving is heard or there is a slight tapping noise from the engine while the engine is running.

Temperature Gauge Read Hot After the Engine Start

The temperature gauge reads hot after the engine is started. Several reasons are causing this such as the radiator lacks coolant, the hose of the radiator is collapsed, the water pump is faulty, or there is a problem with the thermostat.

Steering Wheel Feels Loose at High Speed

While driving your car the steering feels sloppy or loose especially when driving at high speed.

Car Shakes When Stopped

The car shakes when stopped, the entire car shaking occurs during the application of brakes when the car is stopped. The reason for this problem is the uneven contact between the brake drum and the brake shoe.

Car Shakes When Idle After Starting

Car shakes when idle after starting, while idle the entire car is somewhat shaking. When the car shakes on idle after start up, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring.

Steering Feels Loose and Sloppy

Steering wheel feels loose and sloppy while driving on a normal road this is because of over inflated tire or there is a faulty front end components.

Car Stalls While Idling

Car is stalling while driving. The stalling occurs when the engine temperature is high or even when the engine temperature is normal.

Car Loses Power Going Uphill

If a car losses power going uphill driving but have enough power when running on the flat roads then the possible cause of the problem is a worn out rings or the valves are worn out.

Car Stalling While Driving

Car is stalling while driving. The stalling occurs when the engine temperature is high or even when the engine temperature is normal. The reason for this is because of vapor lock or a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

Car Pulls to the Right or Left Slightly

If a car is pulling to the left or pulling to the right while driving possible reason is the tire pressure is mismatch, the brakes are dragging or the wheel is slightly out of alignment.

My Car AC is Blowing Hot Air

Car Ac is blowing hot air suddenly or is blowing hot air slowly over time. Cold air is usually coming out the ac vent when the ac switch is turned ON, however, after turning the ac switch ON, the ac vents are blowing hot air.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car

There is a noticeable white smoke coming from exhaust of car. The reason why white smoke comes out the exhaust is that condensation is steaming off or the head gasket is damaged.

Car Cranks but Wont Start

The car cranks but won’t start. The possible reason why car cranks but won’t start are  out of gas, broken timing belt, clogged air filter, battery is weak or frozen battery electrolytes.

Do it yourself

Step by step do it yourself easy to understand basic car maintenance for the car owners.

How to Install a Car Battery While engine is running, use the meter to check the alternator and voltage regulator output. This is very important because a faulty alternator or voltage regulator can cause a premature battery failure and you do not want this to happen.
How to Check Tyre Pressure The tyre thread life could reduce if the tyre pressure of your car is under what the car manufacturer specified on your car owner’s manual.
How to Change a Flat Tire When you encounter a flat tire while you drive your car the first thing to do is to pull off the road away the traffic as possible.
How to Recharge a Car Battery Before attempting to recharge car battery always make sure that the battery is at room temperature (60 °F to 80°F). Also, when it is extremely cold remove the battery from the car and bring it indoors to allow the battery to become warm before begin the charging.
How to Disconnect a Car…