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What Makes a Car Engine Ping?

What makes a car engine ping? Several reasons makes the engine ping, however the reasons will depend on the condition. If the engine produce pinging noise when driving uphill but no noise when driving on normal roads, it means the fuel you use is a low grade fuel or the air that comes in the combustion chamber is thin.

Car Runs then Dies

Initially the car runs after starting then after several seconds the car dies.

Engine Pinging Noise when Driving Uphill

The engine produces pinging noise when driving uphill but no noise when driving on normal roads.

Engine Ticking Noise While Driving

Engine ticking noise while driving is heard or there is a slight tapping noise from engine while the engine is running.

Car Sputters When Starting

During starting the car sputters when starting.

Engine Poor Response when Clutch Pedal is Release

The engine response poorly when the clutch pedal is release.

High Pitch Squeal from Engine While Running

While the engine is running, the engine produced high pitch squeal.

Engine Backfires While Driving

The engine backfires on the tail pipe while driving.

Engine Starts but Will Not Continue Running

The engine start but will not continue running.

Engine Backfires when Starting

When you are trying to start your car the engine backfires.

Engine Pinging Sound When Driving on Flat Roads and Uphill

While driving on flat roads there is a pinging sound coming from engine, also pinging sound occurs while driving uphill.

How to Diagnose Engine Overheating

Engine overheating happens when the balance of the cooling capability of the engine and the heat generated when the engine operates starts to deteriorate. When this balance is deteriorating it will extremely increase the coolant temperature that causes the coolant to boil.

The coolant will boiled into steam and spew out from the deteriorated portions like the reservoir or radiator. Continuously running the engine at this condition will damage the engine.

What to do when Engine Overheats?
1.If the car can be move, move it safely off the road and away from traffic, park the car.
2.Continue run the engine, do not stop the engine. Because when the engine is stop the water pump will also stop working and the flow of the coolant from the reservoir into the engine will also stop. The coolant will stop circulating around the engine but continues to receive heat coming from the engine and will continue to boil in that condition thus overheating will not be resolved.
3.Open the hood so that the …

Engine Sounds Rough at High speed

When the car reach high speed the engine sounds rough, but on normal speed the engine sound is not rough or the sound is normal.

Engine Sounds Rough on Idling

The engine sounds rough when idling or when the car is not moving and stopped.

Car Starts but Black Smoke Comes out the Exhaust Initially

Car problem symptom: Car starts but black smoke comes out from exhaust during initial starting.

Troubleshooting car problems: When the car is equipped with fuel injection system it is controlled by electronic engine control. In this case the car has many sensors that monitor some of the engine factors and send the information to the car computer called the electronic engine control. The EEC will use the information to determine the exact amount of fuel needed to inject into the cylinder.

Blue Smoke from Exhaust of Car

There is a blue smoke that comes out the exhaust while driving or while accelerating. Also, weak power is noticed especially when driving uphill.

Car Loses Power Going Uphill

Conditions when car trouble occurs
The car losses power going uphill driving but have enough power when running on the flat roads.

Possible cause of car problem
The rings are worn out
The valves are worn out

Troubleshooting car problem of engine power loss while going uphill
Car that losses power going uphill and fine on the flat roads is usually a results of the rings or valves inside the engine that is worn out. The effect of worn out rings and valves on the engine is low compression.

Since the engine is low compression the engine cannot provide enough power or the engine has weak power to smoothly run the car especially when the car is going uphill. When driving uphill the engine is under more stress as compare to the engine that operates on the flat roads. Also when the engine is under more stress the engine suffers low compression.

Engine Diagnostic

Car Shakes When Idle After Starting
when the car shakes on idle after start up, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring. Usually one or more cylinder on the engine combustion chamber is misfiring.

Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car
Black smoke is an indication of too much gas burned inside the engine combustion chamber. Let us start the troubleshooting of the problem by determining why the engine burned too much gas.

Ticking Noise in Engine While Running
Engine ticking noise is commonly an indication of poorly lubricated engine. The reasons is the oil inside the engine is not much or just simply it lacks engine oil or might be the oil pressure inside the engine is low.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car
If a white smoke happens before the engine warmed up or before it reaches the normal operating temperature during a cold morning then it is normal. When the car is parked outside overnight on cold surroundings, a condensation is formed inside the engine.

Car Jerks When Acceler…

Car Jerks When Accelerating

Car jerks when accelerating especially during cold rainy morning when the engine is cold.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car

There is a noticeable white smoke coming from exhaust of your car.