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What Causes Vibration in the Steering Wheel?

What cause vibration in the steering wheel? the steering wheel vibrates especially when the car reach a certain speed. The vibration is enough to be felt by the driver. There are two reasons that causing the vibration the first one is if the front end parts are loose and the other one is if the front wheel is imbalance.
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Steering Wheel do not Return after Turning in a Curve

Normally when a car is coming out of the curve the steering wheel will return to its position for straight running, however sometimes after the car is coming out the curve after turning, the steering wheel does not return easily.

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

Steering wheel shakes when braking. When the brake pedal is press the steering wheel vibrates, the shaking is extreme that can easily notice by the driver.

Why steering wheel shakes when braking?

Steering wheel shakes when braking is usually a problem that involve during the application of brakes, specifically on the car front end. Since the occurrence of steering wheel vibration or shaking of steering wheel happens during braking only therefore it is safe to assume that the problem involves the front brakes.

Vibration in Steering Wheel

Symptoms of Car Problems: Vibration in steering wheel while driving at a certain speed.

Troubleshooting car problems: Vibration in steering wheel happens when there is an imbalanced front wheel or a loose front end parts. Usually an imbalance front wheels is more likely to happen than a loose front end parts, the wheel will become imbalance when the weight of the wheel is not distributed evenly throughout the wheel, it means that there is a heavy spots somewhere on the wheel making it to rotate unevenly that triggers vibration especially when a car reached a certain speed. This vibration may then be transmitted into the steering wheel through the steering linkage.

Steering Feels Loose and Sloppy

Steering wheel feels loose and sloppy while driving on a normal road.

Possible Cause of Steering Wheel that Feels Loose and Sloppy

Over inflated Front Tires

Steering wheel that feels loose and sloppy while driving is usually caused of front end components that are faulty or sometimes cause of over inflated front tires. With that said, the first thing to do is to check the front tires using a tire pressure gauge, compare the result with the tire pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacture. If you do not know the value of the recommended tire pressure, look on the tire placard label adhere on the driver side door or look on the owner’s manual included on the vehicle when you first purchase the vehicle.

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Based on the result of car problem troubleshooting you found out that the problem is the overinflated tire just let lose some air from the tire to make the pressure within the recommended value and correct the problem of loose steering wheel.

If the tire pressure gauge actual pressure reading is higher than the recommended tire pressure then this causes sloppy or loose steering wheel. The problem happens because when tire is overinflated, the tire will not have a good contact with the road making it bounce around while the car is running. As the car runs faster the tire will bounce more. The bouncing effect will then be transferred to the steering linkage up to the steering wheel. The effect is a feeling of loose and sloppy steering wheel.

Faulty Front End Components

Now if the reading of the actual tire pressure is the same as the recommended value indicated on the label or owner’s manual then this only mean that the problem is not about overinflated front tires but rather a faulty front end component with that said it is necessary to inspect the car. When we say front end components, it consist of bars, rods, levers or other components underneath the front of the car, any of this parts when found to be faulty the driver may feels looseness on the steering wheel.

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If after correcting the tire pressure the problem still exists the possibility is that the one of the front end components is faulty, in this case bring the car to a shop and ask the mechanic to check the front end of the car for any loose components and repair or replace if necessary.