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Battery Warning Light Flickers

The battery warning light indicator on dash board is occasionally flickers while driving the possible reason is that the alternator is failing or the alternator belt is slipping.

Radiator Boils Over when the Engine is Semi-hot

The radiator boils over even though the engine is semi-hot. The two possible reason is causing this problem, first is a leaking radiator cap, second is a wrong anti-freeze/water ratio.

Temperature Gauge Reads Hot in Prolonged Traffic

The temperature gauge of the car will reads hot when stuck on traffic. The possible cause of the problem  is a faulty fan motor, sensor or switch. Other reason is a slipping fan belt.

Oil Warning Light Flickers Occasionally While Driving

The oil warning lights indicator on the dashboard flickers occasionally while driving your car this is because the engine oil level is low, a wrong viscosity of the oil is used, the oil pan is partly clogged, or a faulty oil pressure sensor.

Anti-lock Brake Light Came On Steadily While Driving

Conditions when car trouble occurs
While driving your car the anti-lock brake warning lights located on the dash board came on steadily.

Oil Warning Light Came On Steadily While Driving

The oil light came on steadily while the car is running the possible cause is that the engine oil level is low, the oil pump is faulty, or the oil pressure sensor is faulty.

Temperature Gauge Read Hot After the Engine Start

The temperature gauge reads hot after the engine is started. Several reasons are causing this such as the radiator lacks coolant, the hose of the radiator is collapsed, the water pump is faulty, or there is a problem with the thermostat.

Brake Warning Light Came On Steadily While Driving

The brake light came on steadily while driving your car. The brake warning lights is located on the dash board.

Battery Warning Light Comes On While Driving

Conditions when car problem occur
The battery light comes on steady while driving.

Possible cause of lit battery warning lights
1) The alternator belt is damage.
2) The alternator is faulty.

Troubleshooting battery warning lights that come on
When your battery light comes on while driving two reasons will cause this, first is the alternator belt is broken and second, the alternator failed. The alternator is being driven by the engine using belts for the purpose of supplying charge on the battery and provides electrical power on all of your car accessories. If the battery light comes on while driving it means that the alternator is not generating electrical power for your car and all the car accessories will draw power to the battery until the battery also losses power. Now why the alternator is not supplying electrical power to the battery and accessories?

What does it mean when the Battery light comes on

What does it mean when the battery light comes on?Troubleshooting car problem of Battery Light Came on While Driving
When a battery light came on while you drive your car usually it indicates a broken alternator belt or the alternator fails to produce electrical charge for the battery. Alternator is a device that charges the car battery, also it provides electricity to the entire car accessories installed in your car such as lights, radio etc. while the car engine is running.