What Makes a Car Engine Ping?

What makes a car engine ping? Several reasons makes the engine ping, however the reasons will depend on the condition. If the engine produce pinging noise when driving uphill but no noise when driving on normal roads, it means the fuel you use is a low grade fuel or the air that comes in the combustion chamber is thin.

Versatile Vehicles For Various Purposes: Why SUVs Are Never A Bad Choice

Image from: Wikimedia Commons
When you’re in the market for a new car, there are probably certain factors you need to check off your checklist. You need a car that will suit your needs. You most likely want something reliable, too. Price and style are also significant factors. While hatchbacks and coup├ęs suit many people, SUVs suit practically everyone.

Family Fuel: Gearing Up To Buying A Family Car

The time has come. You or your partner is now due to give birth to your first child. The emotions you will feel will consist of extreme highs and lows, and you will ask so many questions. “Am I good enough?” “Will I cope?” And probably the most important one of all, “do I really have to trade in my old sports car for something sensible?” In one simple word, yes. Yes you do. But there are many reasons that you will need to upgrade (or downgrade, depending on your perspective) to something with more room for your shopping and the buggy. In this guide I will show you what to look for when purchasing a family friendly vehicle.

Marvellous Hacks to Make Your Car More Reliable

There's nothing worse than having a car that's breaking down constantly. It’s a pain in the neck, not to mention the fact that it can affect your livelihood. So, you need to try to ensure that your car is as reliable as possible all the time. The good news is that there are plenty of techniques you can use to ensure that this happens.