Free Car Diagnostic

Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

Steering wheel shakes when braking. When the brake pedal is press the steering wheel vibrates, the shaking is extreme that can easily notice by the driver.

Brake Pedal Goes to Floor

The brake pedal goes to floor when the brake is lightly applied.

Free car diagnostic: If brake pedal goes to floor when the brake is applied, it usually means that there is a leak on the master cylinder. Master cylinder consists of a primary and secondary pistons which operates on either the front or rear brakes. Both pistons is sealed with a component called “cup” when the brake pedal goes to floor the most likely to happen is that the primary cup that seals the primary piston is leaking brake fluid even when brake is lightly applied.

Car Shakes When Stopped

The car shakes when stopped, the entire car shaking occurs during the application of brakes when the car is stopped. The reason for this problem is the uneven contact between the brake drum and the brake shoe.

Car Shakes When Idle After Starting

Car shakes when idle after starting, while idle the entire car is somewhat shaking. When the car shakes on idle after start up, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring.

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