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Car Stalling While Accelerating

The stalling occurs when the weather is cold wet morning. The possible reason for stalling is there is moisture on the distributor cap that causes the engine to misfire.

Removal and Replacement of Injection Pump

Removal of the injection pump 
1. The ignition switch must be turned OFF and the battery ground cable must be disconnected.

2. The no.1 cylinder must be set at Top Dead Center (TDC) on its compression stroke and the fuel line around the pumps must drain OFF. Do not perform the work when the engine is hot.

3. Parts like the air duct, intake manifold collector, and other parts that obstruct during the work to be done must also be removed.

4. Check the alignment marked on the injection pump against the idle gear, this is a must procedure before removing the injection pump. When the alignment marks do not conform to the specification then this is a possibility that cause the injection pump malfunction.

5. Before removing the injection tubes, mark the tubes corresponding to cylinder number.

Diagnose and Repair Car Air conditioning System

Principles of air cooling of AC system
The principle that is applied to the automotive air conditioning system is that when liquid turns into a vapor it will absorb heat so that the surrounding area cools down. It is similar to the principle that when a body is wet and the perspiration is exposed to the wind the body will feel cool.

Refrigerant flow
The illustration is shows basic structure of the air conditioning system of an automobile. The cycle is that the refrigerant changes state from liquid state to vapor state and back to the liquid state again. The liquid becomes gas when the refrigerant absorbed heat and the surrounding becomes cool, then the gas is compressed making the refrigerant temperature to rise, now as the gas cools down it will return to liquid state.

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