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Anti-lock Brake Light Came On Steadily While Driving

Conditions when car trouble occurs
While driving your car the anti-lock brake warning lights located on the dashboard came on steadily.

Noise When Shifting into Two or More Gears

While driving and about to shift into two or more gears you will hear a noise coming from the transmission this problem happens because the input shaft bearing or the main shaft bearing of the transmission is damage.

Brake Pedal is Hard to Depress When Braking

Conditions when the car trouble occurs

An extra hard step is necessary when the driver step on the brake pedal to stop the car.

Rear Brake Dragging after Brake Pedal is Release

Conditions when the car trouble occurs
After the brake pedal is release the rear brakes is still partly engage or the brake is dragging.

Possible cause of car trouble
1. The shoe retracting spring is broken.
2. The piston cylinder is stuck.

Car problem troubleshooting
The car rear wheel is mostly use a drum type brake system, with the drum type brake system it consist of a cylinder piston that forces the brake shoe against the drum when the driver step on the brake pedal. When the brake shoe and the drum are made contact with each other, the car will stop. Now, when the brake pedal is release the brake shoe is pulled away from the drum by the use of the retracting springs so that the wheel will turn again freely when the car starts to move again.

1998 Blazer AC is Blowing Hot Air

 We received a lot of email query about a 1998 blazer hot air blowing air conditioning system, so instead of answering the email one by one we decided to discuss the problem.

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