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Engine Backfires While Driving

The engine backfires on the tail pipe while driving mainly because of the problem on the air injection system, another reason is the valve is not sealing or the engine timing is off.

A/T Upshifts Trough Gear Too Early

From stop the upshifts trough gear occurred too early this is because of the transmission have wrong fluid level, a faulty electronic sensor, throttle valve  linkage or governor problem.

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Gear Shift Not Working for Automatic Transmission

Gear shift for automatic transmission is not working when the shift lever is moved the reason for this is a bad fluid pump or a gear selector problem.

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Engine Starts but Will Not Continue Running

The engine start but will not continue running. The reason for this problem is a bad electronic sensor, bad electric fuel pump or there is a problem on the fuel injection system.

Temperature Gauge Reads Hot in Prolonged Traffic

The temperature gauge of the car will reads hot when stuck on traffic. The possible cause of the problem  is a faulty fan motor, sensor or switch. Other reason is a slipping fan belt.

Screeching Tire When Car Turns at Normal Speed

The tire screeching when the car is turning on a corner at normal speed is the result of improper tire pressure or steering angle misalignment.

Oil Warning Light Flickers Occasionally While Driving

The oil warning lights indicator on the dashboard flickers occasionally while driving your car this is because the engine oil level is low, a wrong viscosity of the oil is used, the oil pan is partly clogged, or a faulty oil pressure sensor.

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Engine Pinging Sound When Driving on Flat Roads and Uphill

While driving on flat roads there is a pinging sound coming from engine, also pinging sound occurs while driving uphill. Usually the reason of pinging sound is the use of low grade gas, other reasons are faulty turbo charger knock sensor, the EGR valve is faulty or spark plug end cover is covered with carbon. 

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