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How to Install a Car Battery

Installing a car battery is something that every car owner should know. It is not that difficult to install a car battery since it is something that every able person can do. So, how to install a car battery?

Step1. Boost charge the wet batteries to ensure top efficiency before installing.

Step2. Clean first the battery terminal posts thoroughly with a wire brush, remove any corrosion that already accumulates on the battery pole. Ensure that the terminal post is free from corrosion. If you can make the metal shine then it is better.

Step3. Turn off all lights and accessories that use electrical power. By doing so, it will minimize the possibility of sparks while installing the battery which may possibly cause short circuit.

Step4. Observe and inspect all the lights if there is one that fails to turn off because if there is one lights that always keep on, when the battery is replace with a new one it will possibly drain the new battery.

Step5. Carefully mark the polarity cable as positive or negative for identification because this will insure that the correct polarity is connected to the correct terminal post when installing a new battery.

How to Recharge a Car Battery

To recharge a car battery it must be done on the same as it was discharge. Before attempting to recharge car battery always make sure that the battery is at room temperature (60 °F to 80°F). Also, when it is extremely cold remove the battery from the car and bring it indoors to allow the battery to become warm before begin the charging.

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How to Disconnect a Car Battery

Do you know how to disconnect a car battery? Which battery cable should be removed first? let's say you need to clean or replace the battery so you disconnect the battery to make the job here is what to do.

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How to Jump Start a Car Battery

How to jump start a car battery if car wont start because of a dead battery? Jump a starting car is easy but should be done correctly so that accident such as a battery explosion can be avoided that may result to the damage of your car or worst injured you. If you jump start a car, avoid the use of frozen battery. Also, check the battery rating of each battery for correct rating before jump starting.

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