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What Causes Tire Wear on Outside Edge?

What causes tire wear on the outside edge? Well if the tire worn out on the outside edge this means that the car have alignment problem.

Car Vibrates at Certain Speed

Conditions when car trouble occurs
While driving the entire car vibrates especially when the car reaches a certain speed.

Possible cause of car trouble
1)The wheel is out of balance.
2)The tire is out of round.
3)The rim is out of round

Troubleshooting car trouble
The most common cause of car vibration while driving at certain speed is a problem on tire and wheels, usually it is the result of having a wheels that is not rotating evenly, the wheels vibrates when the car is driven. When the car reaches a certain speed the vibration of wheels is become severe which is enough to cause the suspension components to also vibrate which in turn may also cause the entire car to vibrate.

Car Tire Wear Patterns

Car Tire Wear on Inside Edge of Tire
This kind of tire wear indicates a problem with alignment. Wheel alignment defines how straight the wheel relative to the car frame, when defining how tilt the wheel is called Camber. There are types of camber namely positive, negative and no camber. When we say positive camber it means that the wheel is tilted away from the car frame, when we say negative camber it means that the wheel is tilted towards the car frame and no camber means the wheel is not tilted.

When the car tire wear mainly on the inside edge then it means that the wheel is too much tilted towards the car or have negative camber. Wheel alignment will correct the problem do this at once to avoid excessive tire wear.

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