Free Car Diagnostics

Steering Wheel or Steering Column is Loose

The steering wheel or the steering column feels loose while driving the reason is because the steering shaft or steering column components is loose. Other reason is due to loose universal joint.

Car Sputters When Starting

During starting the car sputters when starting, this happens if the engine is out of gas, the distributor cap has moisture, the timing belt is damage, the coil are bad or there is a problem on the electronic ignition.

Engine Poor Response when Clutch Pedal is Release

The engine response poorly when the clutch pedal is release the reason for this problem is that the clutch is out of adjustments or is badly worn out.

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High Pitch Squeal from Engine While Running

While the engine is running, the engine produced high pitch squeal. This possible reason is because of a worn drive belt, faulty alternator, or bad steering pump.

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