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High Pitch Squeal from Engine While Running

While the engine is running, the engine produced high pitch squeal. This possible reason is because of a worn drive belt, faulty alternator, or bad steering pump.


Possible cause of high pitch Squeal from engine

Worn Drive Belt

The drive belt is the one that drives various engine accessories. When the drive belt worn out or otherwise damaged it will produce a high pitched squeal sound while the engine is running.

Faulty Alternator

Another possible cause of high pitch squeal sound coming from the engine compartment is the faulty alternator. Usually, the bearing inside the alternator is worn out if the bearing is worn out it will produce squealing noise especially when the alternator spins.

Bad Steering Pump

The bad steering pump is also a possible cause of high pitched squealing when the steering pump fails it will produce sound especially when turning at low speed. However, the possibilities of the steering pump as the cause of high pitch squeal are very rare.

The first thing to do is to spray WD-40 lubrication on the alternator bearing if the alternator bearing is not sealed, also spray on the underside of the drive belt. However, this will only be a temporary step to solve the problem of high pitch squealing noise. If the problem still occurs, then no other option but to bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to check the alternator and the steering pump. Repair the affected parts or replace the parts if necessary.

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  1. I am getting a chirping sound from throttle body of my 2005 taurus when cold weather arrives.It varies with engine rpms.


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