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Howling Noise When Clutch Pedal is Release

When the clutch pedal is release there is a howling noise than can be heard coming from the transmission. The reason why howling noise occur when clutch pedal is release is the faulty throwout bearing or faulty pilot bearing.

Engine Sounds Rough on Idling

The engine sounds rough when idling or when the car is not moving and stopped this is because the engine cylinder is misfiring that is resulted from a vacuum leak or a bad spark plug.

Clunk Noise from Front End When Braking

During braking when the brake pedal is depressed there is a clunk noise which can be heard coming from the front end.

Click Noise on the Front End When Braking

When the brake is applied click noise is heard coming from the front end, usually the cause of the problem is a loose disc brake components.

Brake Pedal Vibrates When Braking

While applying the brake there is a vibration on the brake pedal., usually this is a cause of misalignment between the pads and the disc or misalignment of the shoe and the drum in case of drum brakes. 

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Brake Pedal Goes Further than Normal

When the brake pedal was depressed, it goes further than normal, this is because the system do not have brake fluid or the brake lining worn out.

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