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Click Noise on the Front End When Braking

When the brake is applied click noi,se is heard coming from the front end, usually the cause of the problem is a loose disc brake components.

Possible Cause of Click Noise when Braking

Loose disc brake component

Most cars have disc brakes on the front wheels and a drum brakes on the rear wheel. Disc brake operates when the brake pedal is depressed it allows the master cylinder in delivering hydraulic pressure on the brake caliper. The brake caliper will then squeeze the brake pads against the disc to that the car will stop. When there is a loose component on the disc brakes a clicking noise is heard during braking when the brake pedal is depressed. Usually, the most likely components that will be loose are the bracket mounting of the brake caliper.

Remove the wheel on the front end where the clicking noise is coming from. Check the brake components if there is any looseness. Bring the car to a reputable repair shop and ask the mechanic to replace any loose components to fix the click noise coming from the front end when braking.

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