Rear Brake Dragging after Brake Pedal is Release

Conditions when the car trouble occurs
After the brake pedal is release the rear brakes is still partly engage or the brake is dragging.

Possible cause of car trouble
1. The shoe retracting spring is broken.
2. The piston cylinder is stuck.

Car problem troubleshooting
The car rear wheel is mostly use a drum type brake system, with the drum type brake system it consist of a cylinder piston that forces the brake shoe against the drum when the driver step on the brake pedal. When the brake shoe and the drum are made contact with each other, the car will stop. Now, when the brake pedal is release the brake shoe is pulled away from the drum by the use of the retracting springs so that the wheel will turn again freely when the car starts to move again.

Since the problem is a partly on brake even when the brake pedal is release then it is a case of either stuck piston cylinder or broken shoe retracting spring which causes the shoe to remain in contact with the brake drum.

Free car diagnostic recommendation
How to correct brake dragging
The rear brake should be opened up to check which parts is the problem that causes the brake to not fully release, usually it’s a case of broken retracting spring. If the problem is the faulty piston cylinder it can be repaired or replace with a new one.

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