Brakes Making Grinding Noise

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Brakes Making Grinding Noise

Symptoms of Car Problems: Brakes making grinding noise during braking.

Troubleshooting car problems: When brakes are making grinding noise while the brakes are applied, this indicates excessively worn brake linings. The brake lining was excessively worn down and nothing left but an exposed metal which rub against the disc or the drum depending on the location where the grinding noise is heard when applying the brake which resulted into a grinding noise. 
Cause of car problem: Excessively Worn Brake Pads or Brake Shoe.

Free Car Diagnostic Recommendations: This is what happens when the vehicle maintenance schedule has been neglected for a very long time. To fix this problem replace the brake linings with new one then bring the affected brake disc or drum to the machine shop for machining, this is because of the metal to metal contact probably the disc or drum has been damage so it is necessary to smooth out the damage incurred.

If the disc or drum is extremely damage and machining is not possible then replace the affected disc or drum with new one. This problem is expensive to fix therefore it is important to follow the regular maintenance schedule of the car.

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