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Inside Tire Wear on Rear Tire

Inside tire wear on the rear tires is usually caused by a camber problem. Tire are either positive camber, negative camber, or no camber.

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The rear tire is wearing from the inside edge. When the rear tire is wearing on the inside edge, this type of wear indicates a wheel alignment problem.

What Causes Tire Wear on the Inside

(1) Wheel alignment problem, specifically negative camber.

The idea of "wheel alignment" essentially has to do with how straight the wheels are relative to the vehicle's frame.

Wheel alignment usually refers to the front wheels, but on passenger cars, wheel alignment refers to the front and rear wheels. Incorrect wheel alignment may cause uneven tire wear or the steering to be effected by wheel jerking. When the wheels on a vehicle are aligned.

The rear wheel alignment also affects driving stability and tire wear during straight-ahead driving, starting and accelerating in the same manner as the front wheel alignment.

The main rear wheel alignments are the camber and toe angle. The vehicle may not be traveling in the straight-ahead direction because the rear axle deviates from the vehicle center even though the front wheels are aligned.

Therefore, the rear wheel alignment plays very important roles to control the moving direction of the vehicle. While the rear wheel alignment of many vehicles cannot be adjusted, the rear suspension of multi-link type has adjustable links for its wheel alignment.

Mechanics use the term "camber" when they are talking about the tilt of a wheel. Specifically, a wheel has either:

(1) Positive camber.
(2) Negative camber.
(3) No camber.

If a wheel has a "positive camber", it's tilted outward or, away from the vehicle's frame. If a wheel has a "negative camber", it's tilted inward or, towards the vehicle's frame. If a wheel has no camber, it's not tilted - this is what you want.

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As indicated in the problem, one (or more) of the tires is wearing mainly on its inside edge. This means the wheel is tilted inward or, has a "negative camber". An inward tilt will, of course, cause the tire to wear on its inside edge.

What to do?
You'll need to have an alignment job done on this vehicle. It's a good idea to have this done soon because the longer you wait, the worse the tire(s) will get. Some mechanics may tell you they can't do an alignment properly without first replacing one or more front-end parts. If this is what a mechanic tells you, get a second opinion before proceeding with any such repairs.

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