Car Sputters When Starting

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Car Sputters When Starting

During starting the car sputters when starting, this happens if the engine is out of gas, the distributor cap has moisture, the timing belt is damaged, the coil is bad or there is a problem on the electronic ignition.

Cause why car engine sputtering when starting

Engine Out of Gas
Check your car if the car is out of gas. Fill the car with fuel then start again.

Moisture in Distributor Cap

When the engine sputtering happens only in wet conditions then the possible cause is moisture in the distributor cap. The moisture in distributor cap is a result of high humidity air, this moisture will interfere on the ignition system to operate properly thus the car will not start.

Wait for the distributor cap to dry, or remove the distributor cap then clean with a dry cloth. To avoid having moisture on the distributor cap, just park the car inside a cover parking when it is about to rain.

Damage Timing Belt
Open the hood and locate the timing belt. If the timing belt is damage then this causes the problem. Timing belt is very crucial in operating the car, if there is a problem with the timing belt the car will not be started or the engine will run rough.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to replace the damage timing belt so that the engine will not sputter during starting. This kind of work is costly so be prepared. It is better to request for a quote on different car shop before bringing your car otherwise the shop will take advantage of the problem.

Electronic Ignition Problem

Ask a friend to sit on the driver side then you have to pull off one of the spark plug wires then lay it close to the ground. Now, tell your friend to turn on the ignition key and crank the engine for a second. Observe if there is a spark that jumps from the spark plug wires into the ground. Put back the wires then test the other wires until all wires are tested. If you observed that all wires have the spark that jump from the end of the wires into the ground then a problem on electronic ignition is causing the engine sputter when starting.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop then ask the mechanic to check the electronic ignition for any problem and repair if necessary.

Bad Coil
If you did not observed any spark that jump from the end of the wire on one of the wires you tested when doing the above procedure then the problem is a bad coil or the coil is not providing enough current to the spark plug wire. Usually, the problem of the bad coil is causing the engine sputters while starting.

Tow the car to a nearest repair shop and ask the mechanic to remove and replace the bad coil to fix the problem.

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