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Honda Civic Car Won’t Start Makes Clicking Noise

Does your Honda Civic won’t start, but instead of you car won't start and no noise it makes a clicking noise during starting. Since the engine is not starting there are two possible reasons why your Honda civic is not starting, clicking noise that is heard during starting is because of the solenoid from the stater. The solenoid is the one that allows the current from the battery to flow into the starter to make the engine crank. With that said the possible cause of the problem is a weak battery or the starter is failing.

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Now, before going into the starter, the first part to check, and the easiest one, is the battery.

Here's what you do:

1) Turn the ignition "ON" to the position before the clicking sound is heard, this is the position when the ignition key is turned before turning it again to start the engine.

2) Turn the windshield wiper on and leave it in operation for about 30 seconds. The windshield wiper runs off the battery when the engine is running. Observe the wiper while it runs, if the windshield wiper runs slower than its normal operation, then there is a problem with the battery or the battery may be weak.

3) Open the hood then locate the battery. Remove the battery terminal, see how to disconnect the battery terminal, then observe the battery terminals and the battery pole. Check the battery terminals for any corrosion. If you observed that there is a presence of a cruddy substance on the terminals then it means that the terminal is corroded or there is corrosion on the battery terminals. The corrosion is preventing or restricting the current flow from the battery into the starter. If the starter does not receive enough amount of current to start it, likewise the starter will not start your honda civic.
However, if the battery is in good condition then the problem is the starter. There are two possible reasons why the starter won’t work, either a bad electrical connection or a bad starter. Both will cause the starting problem in the car. To diagnose the problem first is to check the starter electrical connections, locate the starter and check the wire if it is secure and tight. If the wiring is OK then the problem is the starter. Replace the starter.

How to fix it if your honda civic won't start and makes a clicking noise?

Remove the corrosion in the battery terminals. Clean the terminals using a wire brush, apply two spoonfuls of baking soda mix with two spoonfuls of water to the terminals, wait for a few minutes to dissolve the corrosion before brushing the terminals then wipe the terminals with a clean cloth, after removing the corrosion apply petroleum jelly on the terminal to prevent corrosion deposits on the terminals in the future.

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