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Engine Diagnostic

You will find on this page of freecardiagnostic.com, engine diagnostic guide for car engines common problem. The engine problem on this page is a common technician experience, this will only serve as a guide and will not guarantee to solve your engine problem, please feel free to read out the engine diagnostic articles below.

Engine Sputters When Starting
During starting the car sputters when starting, this happens if the engine is out of gas, the distributor cap has moisture, the timing belt is damaged, the coil is bad or there is a problem on the electronic ignition.

High Pitch Squeal from Engine While Running
While the engine is running, the engine produced high pitch squeal. This possible reason is because of a worn drive belt, faulty alternator, or bad steering pump.

Engine Poor Response when Clutch Pedal is Release
The engine response poorly when the clutch pedal has released the reason for this problem is that the clutch is out of adjustments or is badly worn out.

Engine Backfires While Driving
The engine backfires on the tailpipe while driving mainly because of the problem on the air injection system, another reason is the valve is not sealing or the engine timing is off.

Engine Starts but will Not Continue Running
The engine starts but will not continue running. The reason for this problem is a bad electronic sensor, bad electric fuel pump or there is a problem with the fuel injection system.

Engine Pinging Sound When Driving on Flat Roads and Uphill
While driving on flat roads there is a pinging sound coming from the engine, also pinging sound occurs while driving uphill.

Car Stalling While Accelerating
When the problem occurs on cold wet weather condition, usually this is because of the moisture on the distributor cap.

How to Diagnose Engine Overheating
Engine overheating happens when the balance of the cooling capability of the engine and the heat generated when the engine operates starts to deteriorate.

Engine Sounds Rough at High speed
The engine begins to sound rough when the car reaches high speed.

Engine Sounds Rough on Idling
When the engine is running rough during idle this is an indication of misfiring on one of the cylinders because when the cylinders misfire it will disrupt the balance of the engine.

Car Shakes When Idle After Starting when the car shakes on idle after startup, it is an indication of a problem on engine misfiring. Usually, one or more cylinder on the engine combustion chamber is misfiring.

Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car
Black smoke is an indication of too much gas burned inside the engine combustion chamber. Let us start the troubleshooting of the problem by determining why the engine burned too much gas.

Ticking Noise in Engine While Running
Engine ticking noise is commonly an indication of the poorly lubricated engine. The reasons are the oil inside the engine is not much or just simply it lacks engine oil or might be the oil pressure inside the engine is low.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car
If a white smoke happens before the engine warmed up or before it reaches the normal operating temperature during a cold morning then it is normal. When the car is parked outside overnight on cold surroundings, condensation is formed inside the engine.

Car Jerks When Accelerating
Since the acceleration problem happens when the engine is cold especially during wet morning this suggests moisture in the distributor cap. This happens because when you park the car overnight especially on the outside, moisture is formed inside the distributor cap because of the wet weather.

Car Loses Power Going Uphill
This usually happens when the rings and valves inside the engine are worn out. An engine with worn rings and valves will have a low compression which makes the engine power to become weak especially when driving uphill.

Blue Smoke from Exhaust of Car
Blue smoke from the exhaust of car means that the engine is burning oil. The most common reason why the engine is burning oil is because of the bad rings and usually, when the engine has bad rings there is a power loss when driving uphill.

Engine Pinging Noise While Driving
Pinging noise is usually related to an engine problem, also pinging can also related to low octane gasoline especially while driving uphill.

Car Start But Blue Smoke Comes Out from Exhaust
If the car start but blue smoke comes out from Exhaust, it means that the engine is burning oil. The problem is why the engine is burning oil, that is what we are going to find out.

Engine Lacks Power on Flat Roads and Uphill Driving
If the engine is run roughly, this suggests the following ignition-related problem, bad Spark plugs or wires. If the engine runs roughly, especially when idling, this basically means the engine is misfiring. Such a condition causes a lack of power simply because the engine isn't operating efficiently.

Car Shaking While Idle
Each of your engine's cylinders must fire properly and in the correct order for the engine to run smoothly. If one or more of the cylinders isn't firing as it should, the engine's balance is thrown off.

Temperature Reads Hot After Engine Start
If the temperature reads hot after the engine is started the possible reason is a lack of coolant, collapse radiator hose, bad water pump, or a bad thermostat.


  1. car cranks wont fire. replaced tranny rechecked everything could it be coil an how can I check?

  2. I didn't know that I got a big hole in the transmission pan. ran the car all the way home. very hot. it burnt out the auto trans band lower and the intermediate band, replaced both of those. also placed pressure sensor solenoid valve /out put speed sensor /new transmission pan /and gasket & filter. new fluid also.it runs fine but will not in gage into any gear. reverse light works and can only be taken out of gear by applying pressure to the brake pedal. so why won't it drive?


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