Grinding Sound When Shifting into Reverse Gear

When shifting into reverse gear a grinding sound is heard, the reason for this is that the clutch is not disengaging.

Possible Cause of Grinding Sound when Shifting into Reverse

The clutch is not disengaging

This kind of problem usually indicates that the clutch is not releasing fully. As you may already know when the driver changes gear the clutch is depressed so that the engine will disconnect from the transmission this is what the clutch do. image
Clutch image credit

Now if the clutch is not disengaging when the clutch pedal is depressed a grinding sound is heard, this happens because the gear is in clash with each other when you shift. There are other reasons for this kind of problem but the reason stated above is most likely the cause of this problem.

How to fix the occurrence of grinding sound during shifting into reverse gear

With this kind of problem no other option but to bring the car to a shop that specializes with a transmission repair. Tell the mechanic to check on the clutch linkage, usually it may need some simple adjustments to fix the clutch from not disengaging and eliminate the grinding sound when shifting into reverse. Sometimes shifting into first gear before shifting into reverse gear can help.


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