Spinning Sounds Only During Starting

When the car is trying to start, the car won't start and spinning sound is heard during starting.

Possible cause of spinning sound during starting

Bad Starter Drive
When car cranks but wont start but spinning sound is heard during starting is an indication of problem with bad starter drive. Starter have a component called the starter drive, when spinning sound is heard during starting it means that the starter drive is slipping. With this condition the car wont start.

Free Car Diagnostic Recommendations
This kind of problem needs starter replacement. You may try to replace the starter yourself or bring the car to a shop that specializes in this kind of repair. If your want to repair the problem just look into the manual that covers your vehicle model. If you want to have a it repair by a car shop then you have to tow the car since it wont start. You may opt to replace the starter with a rebuilt one because it is much cheaper that replacing it with new one, after all a rebuilt starter can perform almost the same as the new one.

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