Steering Wheel Shakes When Braking

Steering wheel shakes when braking. When the brake pedal is press the steering wheel vibrates, the shaking is extreme that can easily notice by the driver.

Why steering wheel shakes when braking?

Steering wheel shakes when braking is usually a problem that involves during the application of brakes, specifically on the car front end. Since the occurrence of steering wheel vibration or shaking of the steering wheel happens during braking only, therefore, it is safe to assume that the problem involves the front brakes.

A problem like this is often caused by a misalignment between the front pad and the disc. As you may already know the front brakes are connected to the steering wheel by means of front end, and since the two are connected therefore when there is a problem on the front brakes it can easily be noticed through the behavior of the steering wheel like the problem of shaking of the steering wheel or the vibration of the steering wheel especially when the car brakes.

Because the brake pad and brake disc are misaligned, it will result in uneven contact between the brake pad and the brake disc when the brake is applied, thus a vibration occurs. The vibration will then be transferred to the steering wheel and can be noticed when the car brakes.
Misalignment is commonly caused by a warped front disc, another possible reason is a worn out or loose front wheel bearings.

Fixing the steering shakes

Bring the car to a reputable auto repair shop and ask a mechanic to first check your car front wheel bearing for any looseness or wear, if the result is good, then the possibility is that the problem is a warped brake disc. Have the brake disc machine to fix the problem.

However, when your brake disc is machined, it is necessary to replace your brake pads so that it will mate and align to the brake disc, this will be fixed the steering wheel vibration when braking.

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