Steering Wheel Feels Loose at High Speed

While driving your car the steering feels like sloppy or loose especially when driving at high speed.

Possible cause of steering that feels loose at high speed

The Tires is Over Inflated

First thing to do is check the tire pressure. Using a tire pressure gauge measure the tire pressure on both of the front tires. Compare the reading to the standard tire pressure intended for your car model. The standard tire pressure can be found usually on the label adhere on the driver side door, you can also find the standard tire pressure value on your car owner’s manual. If the reading you recorded is higher than the standard reading for your car model, then over inflated front tire is casing the steering wheel to feel like loose or sloppy especially a high speed.

When tire is over inflated it will not clinch on the road well and may bounce around while the car is driven, as the car speed increase the bouncing also increase and will be transmitted on the steering wheel, that is the loose or sloppy effect you feel on the steering wheel. But, if the tire pressure is within standard then a loose front end component is causing the steering wheel to feels like loose or sloppy. Font end is composing of tie rods, ball joints, control arms and other components underneath your car. If one of these components is loose the handling performance of your car will be affected especially the steering wheel that is why you will feel that the steering wheel is loose or sloppy also.

If the tire is over inflated, just let loose enough amount of air until the tire pressure becomes even with the standard tire pressure for your car model. The recommended tire pressure can be found on the car owner’s manual.

Worn out or Loose Front End Components

The front end of your car is composing of tie rod ends, ball joints, control arms and many other components that are located underneath the front of your car. Those parts contributes to the handling performance of the car, if one of those parts is loose or worn out then the steering wheel will feels loose especially at high speed.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to inspect the front end of your car for any loose or worn out parts. Repair or replace if necessary. Take care of this problem soon because it is not safe to drive especially when there is a problem with the steering.


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