Howling Noise When Clutch Pedal is Release

When the clutch pedal is release there is a howling noise than can be heard coming from the transmission. The reason why howling noise occur when clutch pedal is release is the faulty throwout bearing or faulty pilot bearing.

Possible cause of howling noise when clutch pedal is release
(1) Faulty throwout bearing
(2) Faulty pilot bearing

When there is a howling noise while the clutch pedal is release there are two possibilities it’s either a problem on the throwout bearing or the pilot bearing. The system operates when the clutch pedal is release the clutch linkage pulls the throwout bearing away from the pressure plates. Then the pressure plates will press into the clutch disc and cause the clutch to engage. Since the throwout bearing is rotating while its being pulled away from the pressure plates it will creates howling or squealing noise when the throwout bearing is faulty.

Another possible problem is the pilot bearing that connects the crankshaft to the input shaft of the transmission during operation when the clutch engage and dis engage the pilot bearing will have stress, now when the pilot bearing is faulty a howling noise is heard especially when the car is going uphill.

How to correct the howling noise coming from the transmission

To correct this problem no other option but to opened up the transmission and have a mechanic insect the transmission assembly.

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