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June 11, 2014

Clutch Pedal Vibrates When Depressed

Conditions when the car trouble occurs
While the clutch pedal is depressed the clutch pedal vibrates.

Possible cause of car trouble
Loose clutch disc
Loose pressure plate
Loose flywheel

Car problem troubleshooting
In determining this kind of problem, the transmission assemble is need to be open-up since it is very difficult to determine the real cause of the problem, however the usual cause if the clutch pedal vibrates when the pedal is depress is a loose clutch disc, pressure plate, or flywheel. These three components are somewhat connected to each other.

The fly wheel a round plate that is coupled to the engine crankshaft and makes the flywheel runs. Now when the car is in gear the pressure plate presses the clutch disc against the flywheel to allow the engine power to transfer to the transmission. Back to the problem, if the clutch pedal is depress the clutch pedal is releases in this case if there is looseness on any of the above mentioned parts the parts will wobble and will be felt on the brake pedal.

How to correct vibration on clutch pedal when the pedal is depressed
No other choice but to bring the car to a shop specializing transmission repair, probably the transmission will be opened up to determine the exact cause of the problem. This kind of work is expensive so make sure that the shop where you bring the car is a reputable one to avoid a low quality of work.

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