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October 27, 2014

Oil Warning Light Came On Steadily While Driving

Conditions when car problem occur
The oil light came on steadily while the car is running.

Possible cause of car problem
1) The engine lacks oil or the oil level is low causing the oil light to come ON.
2) The Oil Pump is faulty.
3) The Oil Pressure sensor or its wiring is faulty.

Car problem troubleshooting
Oil warning light came on steadily while driving the car is an indication of a serious problem with the car, there is not enough oil pressure inside the engine. When there is not enough oil pressure the engine will not be lubricated properly.

The first thing to do is to check if the engine has enough engine oil. Now open the hood and locate the oil dip stick. Check the dipstick if it indicates enough level of oil, see the car owners manual if you are not sure how to check engine oil level. If the engine oil level is low then the low engine oil is what triggers the oil light to come on steadily. The low oil level causes the oil pressure inside the engine to become low also. Once the engine oil is low, the oil sensor is triggered and cause the oil light to lit.

If there is enough oil on inside the engine then the problem is not the amount of engine oil but most likely, the oil pump is faulty or the oil pressure and its wiring is faulty.

The oil pump the one that creates oil pressure inside the engine, if the oil pump is defective the oil pressure inside the engine will drop which trigger the oil warning light to light.

The oil warning light respond to the signal it receives from the oil pressure sensor, now if the oil pressure sensor is defective the data of the oil pressure inside the engine will not correctly reads and in many times it reads a low oil pressure and it will send electrical signal to oil warning light to come on. This is also same to happen if the wiring of the oil pressure sensor that connects to the oil warning light is faulty or loose.

How to fix the oil warning light that came on steadily

Free car diagnostic Recommendation
Engine Lacks Engine Oil
Add some amount of oil to the engine make sure the engine is not overfill.

Oil Pump is Faulty or the Oil Pressure Sensor and Wiring is Faulty
Bring the car to a shop and have a mechanic to inspect the oil pump and the oil pressure sensor/wiring. It is not advisable to drive the car when this happens because it might cause the engine to freeze up.