Oil Warning Light Flickers Occasionally While Driving

The oil warning lights indicator on the dash board flickers occasionally while driving your car this is because the engine oil level is low, a wrong viscosity of oil is use, oil pan is partly clogged, or a faulty oil pressure sensor.

Occasional Flickering of Oil Warning Light Possible Causes

The Engine Oil Level is Low

When the oil warning light flickers while driving the usual questions that will come in our mind is whether there is enough amount of engine oil in the engine. Therefore the first thing to check is the amount of engine oil inside the engine. Open the hood of the car and check the reading of the oil dipstick. Check the car owner’s manual for exact amount of oil base on the dipstick reading. If the oil is not enough then this is the cause why the oil warning light flickers because when there is not enough oil inside the engine, the oil pressure will temporarily drop and the light will flickers.

Add some oil to the engine to eliminate flickering, never overfill the engine with oil because it can cause problem. Verify your car owner’s manual for the exact amount of oil the engine is required.

Wrong Viscosity of Oil is used or the Oil is old or degraded

The flickering only happens when the engine is hot because when the engine is hot the inside it becomes thin and when the oil is thin the oil pressure inside the engine will be reduce which in turn triggers the flickering of the oil warning lights. When you used a low viscosity it means that the oil is this, viscosity is the thickness of oil, the higher the viscosity rating the more resistance the oil will be when the engine operating temperature is high which also means that oil has more resistance to thinning.

Same as when the oil is degraded because the oil is used for long time, when the oil is used for a long time it has a tendency to thin quickly when the engine temperature is high.

Change the engine oil of your car. When changing oil ensures that the oil to be used has the right viscosity intended for your car engine. Usually the correct type of oil can be seen on the car owner’s manual.

Oil Pan Screen is partly clogged or the Oil Pump is failing

When the oil warning lights flickers only during idling it is possible that the oil pan is screen is clogged or the oil pump is failing.

Oil pump draws oil from the oil pan passing through the screen going into the engine to lubricate the engine, as the engine runs faster the pump also operates faster. During idling when the oil warning lights flickers it means that oil that going into the engine is not enough making the oil pressure inside the engine to drop which happens only when the oil pan screen is clogged or when the oil pump is failing.

Change oil your car, usually it will clean the oil pan screen. If the oil warning lights flickering still occur the next thing to do is to have the mechanic check the oil pump if it is failing.

Faulty Oil Pressure Warning Sensor or its wiring is bad or loose

If the oil warning lights is randomly flickers such as when the engine is hot and when the engine is at idle it is possible that the Oil Pressure Warning sensor is faulty. Oil Pressure Sensor reads the oil pressure inside the engine when the sensor or its wiring is bad the sensor will not correctly reads the pressure inside the engine thus the oil warning lights will flickers occasionally.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to the check the oil pressure sensor including its wiring. Replace the parts if necessary.

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