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February 19, 2015

Engine Poor Response when Clutch Pedal is Release

The engine response poorly when the clutch pedal is release.

Cause of Engine Poor Response when Clutch Pedal is Release

Clutch is out of Adjustments or Excessively Worn Out

Usually when the engine has poor response when the clutch pedal is release indicates a slipping clutch. This means that the clutch is not functioning as it should be thereby causing the engine power not to be transmitted properly to the transmission.

This kind of problem is most likely happen to old cars. As the car is aging the clutch worn out or will be out of adjustments and may cause the clutch to slip.

Free Car Diagnostic Recommendation
Bring the car to a reputable car shop specialize in transmission repair. Ask the mechanic first to adjust the clutch free play. Clutch free play is the distance of the movement of the clutch before the clutch engage, usually one to two inches. Adjusting the clutch pedal is more likely fix the problem since clutch is not easily worn out.