Car not Starting No Sound at all during Starting

The car does not start and no sound is heard when the ignition key is turned on to start the car. The possible cause is a dead battery or a bad solenoid.

Possible Cause Why Car is not starting with No sounds at all During Starting

Battery is dead

Turn on the ignition key to the start position and observe the dash board for any lights. When the lights are out it is assign the problem is battery related. Now locate the battery and insect the battery terminals for any corrosion. If the terminal is corroded then the problem is corroded battery terminal and the corrosion causes the electricity coming from the battery to flow into the starter. If there is no presence of corrosion on the battery terminal then the battery is dead.

If there is corrosion on the battery terminals then you need to remove the corrosion. Apply some baking soda and water on the terminal to dissolve the corrosion then brush the terminal using a wire brush. After the terminals are clean apply some petroleum jelly to coat the terminals and prevent the deposits of corrosion in the future. However if the battery is dean then replace the battery with new one.

Bad Solenoid

If the battery condition is good then the problem is a bad solenoid. Solenoid is the one that turns the starter on therefore if the solenoid in bad then the engine will not start.

Replaced the solenoid valve, usually if the solenoid is bad it is better if you replace the whole starter and the solenoid with a rebuilt one. Refer to the repair manual for the instructions on how to replace the starter.

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