Steering Wheel Shakes when I Brake

Steering wheel shakes when I brake, usually this is the most common question I received. On this article I will try to answer this common problem, during braking when the brake pedal is depressed you will feel vibration on the steering wheel.

Possible cause of shaking on the steering wheel when applying Brakes

Misalignment of Front Pads and Discs
Steering wheel is connected to the front end and the front end is connected to the front brakes, since the steering wheel shakes when applying the brakes therefore the problem has something to do with the front brakes. image
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The most common cause of steering wheel shakes when braking is a misalignment of front pads and discs, misalignment means that the pads and the disc is not align to make even contact with each other during braking that result in vibration. Misalignment happens when the front disc is warped or when the front wheel bearings are worn/loose in this case it can indirectly cause the misalignment between the pads and disc.

Bring the car to a reputable car shop and ask the mechanic to firstly check the front wheel bearings for any wear or looseness. If the front wheel bearings are in good condition then warpage is the cause of the problem. Have the front brake discs machined to correct the warpage, after the fronts discs is corrected you also need to replace the brake pads to have an even contact to the newly machined front discs and eliminate the vibration of the steering wheel when applying the brake.

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