How to Jump Start a Car Battery

Jump a starting car is easy but should be done correctly so that accident such as a battery explosion can be avoided that may result to the damage of your car or worst injured you.

How to Replace Windshield Wipers

It is necessary to replace windshield wipers blade once a year, or when you notice that windshield is not clear enough to what is in front of the car upon using the wiper when driving at rain.

Car Cranks but Wont Start

Several reasons can cause a car cranks but wont start but depending on the condition of the car when this happens. To determine what cause this problem observed the following conditions.

My Car AC is Blowing Hot Air

Car ac is blowing hot air suddenly or slowly overtime. Instead of cold air is coming out the ac vents, hot air comes out.

How to Disconnect a Car Battery

Do you know how to disconnect a car battery? Suppose you want to clean or replace the battery and needed to disconnect the battery to make the job well then here is what to do:

Ticking Noise in Engine While Running

Engine ticking noise is commonly an indication of poorly lubricated engine. The reasons is the oil inside the engine is not much or just simply it lacks engine oil or might be the oil pressure inside the engine is low.

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Grinding Noise when Shifting

Symptoms of car problem
When shifting into one particular gear grinding sounds occur.

Troubleshooting car problems:
If the grinding sound happens only when shifting into forward gear the usual cost of the problem is the synchronizer of the affected gear. Synchronizer a transmission components that brings the rotating shafts/gears together at the same speed so that the shifting will become smooth. Now, if the synchronizer is defective you can hear grinding sound every time you shift into forward gear. If the defect on the synchronizer is severe then shifting to another gear will be impossible.

Front End Dives when Braking

Symptoms of car problem:
When brakes is apply the front end dives.

Troubleshooting car problems :
If the car front end dives wen the brake is applies, this does not necessary mean that there is a problem on the brake system but rather a problem on the suspension particularly the front shock absorber or the front strut cartridges. Front suspension has two key components which is the shocks and the spring. These two components are separated with each other, however there are also cars in which these two key components are integrated into a single unit in this case it is called the strut. The shock portion of the strut is the strut cartridges or the damper.

Rattling Sound Coming from Brake

Symptoms of car problem:
There is a rattling noise coming from brake.

Troubleshooting car problems:
Rattling sound that comes from the brake is usually caused of loose parts on the affected brakes that produce the sound when it vibrates.

Front Brakes
For the front brakes there are two parts that can cause the noise those are the anti-rattle springs which secure the brake pads and keeps the pads from rattling, or the caliper mounting bolts which secure the support bracket.