Black Smoke from Exhaust of Car

Black smoke from exhaust of car comes out while driving. The possible reasons for black smoke from exhaust is a clogged air filter, bad fuel injector sensor (throttle position sensor, coolant temperature sensor and mass airflow sensor).

Clogged air filter

Black smoke that come out the exhaust is an indication of too much gas burned inside the engine combustion chamber. The most common reason why there is black smoke from exhaust is the clogged air filter. When the air filter is clogged, enough amount of air will be restricted from going inside the engine making the air/fuel to become reach (too much fuel with not enough air). image
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Open the hood of the car and locate the air filter, refer to the manual covering the vehicle model if you have difficulties finding the air filter. Remove the air filter and examine closely if there is too much dirt present on the filter, if there is too much dirt then this is what restricting the from going inside the combustion chamber that is why the air is insufficient and the fuel is too much.

Replace the air filter. This should fix the problem. Any auto parts have an air filter for their inventory so nothing to worry about on where to find a replacement parts.

Bad Fuel Injector Sensor 

This problem is only possible for cars with fuel injection system. Usually the problem for this system is the electronic sensors that measures various engine factors which the car computer system is use for calculating the amount of fuel that must be injected on each engine cylinder. If one the sensors are faulty then wrong data will be send to the car computer and the air/fuel mixture will be wrong which in this case the fuel is too rich.

There are three sensors that when faulty can cause black smoke, the sensors are throttle position sensor, engine coolant temperature sensor and the mass air flow sensor.
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There is only one way to determine if the sensor is faulty, this is to hook up the car to an engine analyzer. The engine analyzer will display trouble codes which can be used to determine if the sensor is the problem. With that said, bring the car to a reputable car shop to have the engine analyze with an engine analyzer. This kind of job is costly. If one of the sensors is bad, just replace the sensor to fix the problem of black smoke.

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