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White Smoke from Exhaust of Car

There is a noticeable white smoke coming from exhaust of your car.

White Smoke from Exhaust of Car Possible Causes

Condensation is Steaming Off

If a white smoke happens just before the engine warmed up or before it reaches the normal operating temperature during a cold morning then it is normal, it is normal for an engine to develop white smoke from exhaust when the engine is started cold. When the car is parked outside overnight on cold surroundings, a condensation is formed inside the engine. Now during morning when the engine is cold and the engine is started this condensation will become steam when the engine runs, the steam comes out a white smoke from exhaust of car.

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Next time when you anticipate that it is about to rain, parked the car inside the garage or in a place not exposed to the cold weather. Never parked the car outside.

Damaged Head Gasket

When the white smoke comes out the exhaust at any engine temperature say upon starting when the engine is cold and still when the engine is warmed up and reaches its operating temperature, then it is an indication of a blown head gasket. The head gasket might have rack or ruptured.

Head gasket serves as a seal to keep the water that surrounds the engine from entering into the cylinders. In case you are not aware, the engine is surrounded by water to cool down the engine.

Now when the head gasket is ruptured or even develops a little crack because of wear and tear, some of the water that surrounds the engine will leak into the engine cylinders and will be burned as steam. The produced steam will then comes out the exhaust as white smoke.

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It is obvious that the head gasket must be replaced. Bring the car to a car shop and tell the mechanic about your diagnosis then ask to replace only the head gasket and nothing else to fix the problem. No other part is going to be replaced rather than the head gasket. Again, just a reminder, if you notice the white smoke from exhaust after you start the engine and just before the engine warmed up or before it reaches normal operating temperature do not worry because its normal and nothing wrong about your car.

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