How to Jump Start a Car Battery

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How to Jump Start a Car Battery

How to jump start a car battery if car wont start because of a dead battery? Jump starting a car is easy but should be done correctly so that accident such as a battery explosion can be avoided that may result to the damage of your car or worst injured you. If you jump start a car, avoid the use of frozen battery. Also, check the battery rating of each battery for correct rating before jump starting.

Steps on how to jump start a car battery

Step 1. To jump start a car you need to have a jumper cable and another car to serve as booster battery for the car that wont start. Park the car with booster battery near the car needed to be jump start.

Step 2. Engage the parking brake of both cars for safety purposes. Make the gear positioning to a neutral position. If the car has automatic transmission position the shift lever to park (P) position.

Step 3. Both of the electrical equipment and accessories for both car must be turned off before jump starting.

Step 4. Open the hood and connect the jump start cable on each car in the sequence as show in the illustration which is positive to positive and negative to negative in sequence 1-2-3-4.

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Step 5. Check if the gear is in neutral position then start the car with booster battery. Depressed the brake pedal to rev the engine up to 2000 rpm for a few minutes.

Step 6. After a few minutes start car to be jump start with. When car wont start turn the ignition "OFF" and wait for 3 to 4 seconds then start the car again.

Step 7. When car starts, remove the jump start cable. Make sure you disconnect the cable in reverse sequence 4-3-2-1 as illustrated above.

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Finished, now you know how easy it is to jump start a car.

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