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My Car AC is Blowing Hot Air Suddenly

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My car ac is blowing hot air because of a major refrigerant leak, if your car ac is blowing hot air suddenly it is an indication that a major leak on the system occurs.

The car Ac is blowing hot air suddenly, but blowing hot air slowly over a period of time may also possible. When turning the AC switch ON usually cold air is coming out of the AC vents however, when the AC switch is turned ON instead of cold air, hot air is coming out of the vents.

Why my car ac is blowing hot air

Major Refrigerant Leak

If initially when turning the ac switch the ac vents blow cold air, then suddenly the vents blow hot air, it is an indication of a major refrigerant leak. The refrigerant is a liquid inside the ac system. The liquid takes away heat from the passenger compartment and purges it outside thereby creating a cooler environment from inside the passenger compartment.

When there is a major refrigerant leak somewhere in the system because of ruptured hoses, the refrigerant will evaporate and the ac system will reduce its performance. Since the refrigerant evaporates, the ac vents will be blowing hot air instead of cold air.

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How to fix car air conditioner blowing hot air?

Open the hood of your car and check the ac line for any ruptured hoses, use a sponge soak on soap water and apply it to the ac line, if there is a leak a bubble will be created on the leak portion of the hose. Replace any of the ruptured hoses you found.

AC Electrical Problem

The electrical system possibly the switches or wire is shorted or the fuse of the ac unit break which causes the ac system to malfunction. Check the fuses if busted. If the fuses are busted then this is what causes the problem.

Even though the fuse is replaced, it is most likely to be busted again because the cause of why the fuse is busted is not yet identified and repair. Therefore bring the car to a reputable shop and have the ac electrical system examine by a qualified mechanic.

Small Leak on the AC system

If the ac blows cold air then slowly blowing hot air over a period of time, it only means that there is a small leak somewhere on the ac system. A small leak on the system tends to drain out the refrigerant slowly over a period of time and slowly reduces the ac performance.

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Bring the car to a reputable shop that specializes in car air conditioning systems. Ask the mechanic to check for any leak on the system and have it repaired.

Clogged Condenser

The condenser is one of the components of the car ac system that serves as a mini radiator that removes the heat that the refrigerant absorbed in the passenger compartment. Over time the condenser will be clogged because of dirt or debris coming from the outside surroundings and it can slowly make the car AC reduce performance which is why the car ac is blowing hot air.

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Check the condenser for the buildup of dirt and clean using a soft brush and water. It should improve the performance of the ac system. If not then bring the car to a car shop that specializes in the car air conditioning system. Ask the mechanic to examine the ac hoses for any leak on the system, also for the electrical system for any short circuit. Recharge the system with a new refrigerant after the repair is done.

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