Spongy Brake Pedal When Braking

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Spongy Brake Pedal When Braking

Brake pedal feels spongy

The brake pedal feels spongy instead of solid when the driver steps on the brake pedal to stop the car.

Possible cause of spongy brake pedal when braking

1. Presence of air inside the brake line of brake pedal that feels spongy.

The problem of spongy feeling on the brake pedal when the driver steps on the pedal when stopping the car, is usually an indication of air presence somewhere along the brake line.

Normally, if there is no problem on the brake system the brake pedal feels solid when the driver steps on the brake this is because the brake fluid inside the brake line cannot be compressed.

Brake system operates when the fluid is forced to flow through the brake line by depressing the brake pedal to make the car stop. Now if the air is present inside the system the air can be compressed therefore instead of feeling the brake pedal to be solid, the driver may feel that the pedal is spongy when the driver steps on the brake pedal during braking.

How to fix soft spongy brake pedal when the brake is applied

If you encounter this kind of problem do not attempt to fix it by yourself if you have no knowledge for repairing brake system because problem like this must be fixed by professional specialized on this kind of job, with that said your only option is to bring the car to a car shop and ask the mechanic to check the brake line for any leak somewhere in the system and repair if necessary.

However the real problem here is not the spongy feeling when you step on the brake pedal but rather why an air is present inside the system, it is possible that your car brake system has been repaired before, and it might be that the mechanic which previously done a work on the system forgot to bleed the brake system.

Just remember that whenever there is a repair done on the break especially if the fluid has been replaced it is necessary to bleed the system to avoid the air from getting inside the brake line. If the air is not removed from the system, it can affect the performance of the brake when applied, like what is described in the above problem, with that said to ask the mechanic to bleed the system usually this can fix the problem.

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